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Is it possible to thrive after burnout? Yes it is!

At the end of July 2020, at the tail end of my family's summer break, I gave my manager a call and told her I couldn't go back to work the following week as planned.

I had just gone through a pretty scary bout of anxiety and panic the hour before as the thought of going back to work settled on my mind. I had never experienced anything like this before so it was concerning and I knew I needed to get help.

It took me about 6 months before I finally could go back to work.

Burnout is not a diagnosable condition, but I knew enough about it to know that was what I was experiencing.

Towards the tail end of my recovery, as I was getting ready to navigate the next chapter of my career, I worked with a coach who introduced me to the Personal Agility System (PAS) - it's a self-coaching approach to uncovering what truly matters to you and living your life in alignment with those. As a wonderful side effect, it has also been my anchor in terms of productivity and getting things done. And I honestly cannot live without it as we speak. It's been more than a year that PAS has been my daily companion to overcoming overwhelm, procrastination and stress.

I was interviewed about my experience with PAS and you can read more about that here.

Excerpt of interview from Personal Agility Institute []

If you are struggling with burnout, or feeling lost in your work+life changes, know that you are not alone and there's always a way to feeling re-centered and connected with yourself again.

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