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Mental Health Conversations
in 7 Days

July 1-7, 2023
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You are a driven and committed professional.
You show up to work everyday ready and willing to do your best work.

You've probably had some bad days feeling dread, exhausted and demotivated.
You might be worried if you're on the brink of burnout. 
You're back at work after taking a mental health absence and need adjustments to your work.

You know you need help,
but the idea of talking about it at work  
creates a lump in your throat. 

Who do I talk to?  What do I say? Will it affect my job?

These questions are valid and requires thoughtful consideration.

Join me in this 7-day self-paced, guided experience to: 


Your Guide: Karina Schneider,
Return to Work Coach/Consultant, 
HR Leader & Mental Health First Aid instructor

When 1 of 2 adults are likely to experience a mental health challenge in their lifetime, it is highly likely that you may need to confront this challenge, seek out support, and advocate for what you need.

But mental health is a deeply personal and delicate subject. 

Therefore, talking about it requires deliberate care and thoughtfulness.

It's just a matter of time before the ability to talk about our mental health at work becomes a needed skill. 

Set yourself up for safe, confident and successful conversations at work by joining this guided 7-day experience with everything you need delivered straight to your inbox. 


I'm ready to master mental health conversations at work!

You're in! Check your inbox for details!

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