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Your Duty of Care:
Support your Employees After a Mental Health Break

24 May 2023, Wednesday
15:00 CEST
Limited seats 

You are a caring leader.
You strive to create a supportive work environment.
and do the best you can to take care of your employees.

Now, you have an employee who has taken time off due to their mental health.
You worry about them, perhaps you might even feel a little guilty that you missed the signs.

You are willing to do what is needed to get them back at work and provide effective support.
But you're also not a mental health expert, nor do you have time to be one. 
So you ask yourself: what do I do now?

Join me in this webinar to learn how to:

"I appreciated that you were bringing in your personal experience with concrete examples. The structure of your webinar made it easy to follow - good slides, good pace of speaking, giving room for questions/comments during your presentation, very good presence and the safe space you created right from the beginning. Thank you!"


Presented by Karina Schneider,
Return to Work Coach/Consultant, 
HR Leader & Mental Health First Aid instructor

I have no doubt in my mind, if you're on this page,

that you are a good leader - probably one of the better ones.

I also know that the possibility/reality of having an employee of yours being on mental health leave is causing you concern and worry for them and for the rest of your team.

And it's probably creating a desire in you to want to do the right, supportive things for them. Because that's what good leaders do. 

But you are lacking guidance, expert advice, policies or practices to help you. Your Google searches are probably creating more overwhelm. And frankly, you probably don't have a lot of time to clear through the clutter, and find what you need. 

My intention is that this webinar will do just that for you.

And you can walk away feeling more competent and confident in supporting your employee's return to work and seeing them thrive again. 


Our webinar is fully booked!
Get in touch if you are interested to get on the waitlist for the next one.

Webinar registration is closed.

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