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Return to work after a mental health break feeling confident, secure and at ease


You are a driven career professional who has given so much to successfully achieve your life goals and dreams. 

You abruptly took a break from work to take care of your mental health...

...and you've worked hard to get recovery support.

You are now facing a choice:

You want to do the right thing for your professional career, but you also need to do the right thing for YOU. 

You still have big goals for yourself,

and you now have self-doubt, feel overwhelmed and insecure about the prospect of going back to work.  


You know you want to - but:


you are afraid of what your mental health struggles might mean for your ability to cope at work. 

you worry about how you will be treated by your peers and leaders. 

you have big questions and you can’t begin to figure out how to find answers for them.  

You want to take matters into your own hands - you believe deep down, you deserve to continue to work well and feel well.

What type of support do you need?

Readiness Checkpoint

Get clarity on your recovery and return to work with the Readiness Checkpoint.


Over two focused sessions, we'll assess your current situation and provide personalized recommendations to enhance your readiness.


Don't just prepare to return—get ready to thrive.

Fit to Work:
Launching Your Return

Feel at ease with the Fit to Work package.


Over three strategic sessions, we'll craft a personalized Return to Work plan tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth start back at work.


From identifying potential challenges to outlining strategic solutions, you will walk away with a clear roadmap in hand, so you feel equipped and empowered to reclaim your place at work.

Thrive not Survive:
Sustaining Your Healthy Return to Work

An all-encompassing solution for a seamless return to work.


Over the course of six months, we'll address every aspect of your reintegration journey, from mindset shifts to practical strategies, equipping you with the tools and confidence to not only return to work but thrive in your professional journey.


Gain access to personalized coaching, skill building exercises, ongoing accountability, and unlimited access between sessions for support on every aspect of your transition.

Want more information
about your options?

I appreciate your guidance of first being clear about the learnings gathered during the absence, and then consider the return as a gradual process to implement them and consolidate the recovery: a process where adequate support can make a significant difference!

Working together, I felt free to just be instead of feeling I needed to fix myself.


It was always about what mattered to me and my recovery, and work was just one component of it.


And thanks to that, I didn’t rush to being back at 100%.


It took longer than I thought

but in return, I saved myself from a likely relapse.

Inspired by what you said about work being part of recovery, I've been dipping my toe back in after 7 months on leave.  
I took to heart your idea of volunteering or doing something easy to get used to being more responsive and responsible. That has been a fun way to warm my heart but also practice setting and keeping boundaries.
I am learning a lot about myself throughout this leave of absence and look forward to starting back in a whole new way.

Ready to seek the support you deserve?

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