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Welcome to my life experiment!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I'm glad you are here to join me for the ride.

I haven't really had much of a plan for the last 2 years.

Including this blog. Everything feels a little spontaneous right now - very much contrary to my preference for structure, predictability, logical sequence. I do try to plan, but life happens and we adapt, revise, try again. And since it's always better with company, I'm grateful that you are here. It feels a little less daunting when you know someone's on the other side who gets it, is interested, is curious.

I do hope you find nuggets of insight and / or find yourself seen through my posts that you hang around for the long haul.

So what am I going to be writing about?

There are two key themes that drive the work that I do: work+life transitions and wellbeing. My intention is to share insights and provoke reflections on these. Once in a while, I'll jump in with personal stories because I believe stories are powerful ways to connect, to empathize, to demonstrate what is possible.

And it's not necessarily always rosy. I promise to keep it real.

I "plan" to write 1 post a week, unless of course, "life happens". The goal is to keep this space as a container for us to connect with each other. And those who subscribe to my mailing list will hear from me on average twice per month.

If you'd like to learn more about my story, do hop on to the About Me page and read on.

Stay connected

If you have read until this point, that is pretty cool!

If you'd like to follow my work and my posts, hit the subscribe button below. You can always change your mind.

Until next time!

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