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Strategy Consulting

Supporting People & Culture strategy development efforts for growing organizations  

Organizational Design |  Organizational Change | 

Workplace Wellbeing | People and Culture Processes

“Thank you for being bold and holding us accountable, for modeling what you want us to grow into, for being positive and encouraging in a playful and connected way, for all the work that you are doing beyond the 1000’s of meetings you are having with us, allowing us to go beyond 'just talking'.”

- Kathrin Rüegg, Director of Operations, OMCT


Leadership Development

Increasing wellbeing capabilities of leaders in the workplace

Interactive workshops  |  Group coaching  |  Action labs

"Karina is highly perceptive to hidden team dynamics and has the ability to bring them into the focus of team conversations. In her workshops, Karina creates space for diverging perspectives to emerge and for people to feel safe to speak up and challenge each other. She has the combination of big picture thinking and pragmatism, which makes her workshops thought-provoking and productive." - Yang Zhang, Consultant & Workshop Participant

Mental Health
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